Sunday, May 30, 2010

Has it been a year?

Having just received a comment yesterday about a post, I realized it had been almost a year since I added to this blog. Wow. That certainly doesn't mean we have not been traveling...far from it. The man keeps me going!

As I have a few more PSE skills under my belt, I have done more scrapping of the trips. That has taken the time in the p.m. that was often devoted to this blog. It became easier to do that then to try to get an upload in some places.

However, after a lot of mumbling on my part about sharing dh's laptop, I finally agreed to get my own - a sweet little Macbook. It wasn't spending the money, tho I can be tight with my $$s, as much as it was knowing I'd have to lug my own paraphernalia. I also knew the web, if available, would sing its siren song to me...

Oh by the way, I just installed PSE8 this week, which I got for $34 frickin' dollars after the rebates. Now I just have to learn the differences.... Ain't it always sumthin!