Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 1 Milan am

After seeing those mountains, and getting off the plane, we took a train and a subway to get to our hotel in Milan. First of all was getting ourselves centered and having an espresso. While I am usually a tea drinker, I find that in Italy the espresso suits me just fine.

When we travel, we often say that together we make up almost one whole brain. What one doesn't know, the other does, and together we can usually figure something out. That was finding the train, paying the 11 euros each and getting ourselves to the Metro. We decided to get a two day travel card for 5.50 Euro each. (Some day I will figure out how to find a euro keystroke on the keyboard. However, today is not the day.)

We ended up finding our hotel, despite taking the most distant Metro exit. We settled in and by then decided it was time for lunch. We had a rec from our hotel for a restaurant not too far away, and set out to eat. Eat we did. The restaurant was "Manhattan" near the Missori Metro stop.  Lots of modern art on all the walls.

I had a salad of 'just born' fish with greens and it was delicious. The wee fish reminded me of fish I had in the Italian Lakes way back in the 70s. I'd say this was the same fish but marinated not fried. He had a 'pizza' that was called a foccacio with salami and ricotta. I had ravioli with shrimp as my secondi.  Ah the food, the food. This is why we come to Italy.  Yes, there is culture, beautiful scenery but first of all there is the food.

Being non drinkers we passed on all the lovely bottles of wine siting by us, as well as the frozen grappa and limoncello that our waiter thought we might like.

Thus ended our first morning in Italy on this trip.


Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Oh me oh my. It looks like you are having a beautiful time. I would take a piccolo of limoncello and a BIG helping of your crab ravioli. More Italian food, please.


PS On a PC keyboard, the € symbol is made by holding down the ALT key and typing on the keypad 0128. Not sure what it is on a Mac, though.

ginny said...

Sounds lovely, maureen.
I haven't been to Europe in 5 long years, so please have a great time for all who are living vicariously through your posts.