Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 1 Milan pm

After our delicious lunch, he wanted to find the Vodafone store to see if we could get a 'dongle' or internet key as they call them here. The weather was a bit overcast but not raining yet. With a map in hand we followed this turn, that turn and a lot more turns and eventually arrived at the Vodafone store on Via Torino. After some discussion, we ascertained that the internet key would work in Italy but to use it in the UK, we would have to get a new SIM card. The Italian key is not locked so switching the SIM card should be easy. Should was the operative word. We decided to think about it even tho the price seemed quite good.

At this point, it was time to see the true heart of Milan. But his feet were tired, and so instead of walking with a gelato we sat inside and had gelato and espresso. btw, I saw very few people walking with gelato. Perhaps it's not the thing this far north as it is in Rome. I said I'd have a gelato a day but while this was good it wasn't great, or am I getting jaded with gelato???  btw, we passed on the spooky cookies but I thought the marzipan teeth were something I'd eat.

After our pricey gelato break...sitting costs money...it was straight to the Duomo. It is quite a site to behold, and I had never seen it cleaned. Back in the 70s it was either under renovation or still quite dark. My memory doesn't tell me which.  We had a walk inside and saw all the Saint Charles Borromeo hoopla/information as this is the 400th anniversary of his canonization.

After this spate of holiness, it was time for as short nap. Jet lag hadn't bothered us but with an 10mg Ambien instead of my usual 5mg airplane dosage, I was a bit loopy and decidedly not all there mentally.  On our way back to the hotel, we had to go to the Italian Touring Club bookstore. OMG. Maps, maps, and more maps and so we came away with a large map book of Italy. (That calls for future trips!)

In the evening we decided we didn't want a full dinner but just another walk with a snack.  Back towards the Duomo, another Vodafone visit to be sure we understood what we thought we understood, and a sandwich and espresso from a 'bar' near the Vittorio Emmanuel Galleries. We were fortunate to see some tables outside not put away yet for the night and so we sat and watched the passing parade go by.   I also found a full bag of roasted chestnuts on the table behind me and yes, I took them and ate them. I don't suggest you do the same but I'm willing to risk things like that on occasion.

Not a bad day for a first day.

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Just a Plane Ride Away said...

I have to agree that maps are quite handy for dreaming about future trips :-)

When we're in Italy we do one, sometimes two, gelatos per day. Yours looks nice, too bad it wasn't to your liking. But you didn't buy those marzipan teeth?!