Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 2 Sunday am in Milan

Day 2 started with breakfast in our hotel. I gladly missed the end of daylight savings and let him go down to get caffe-d up first. When I joined him, I had a cappuccino before a pot of English Breakfast so that was quite a jolt of caffeine for me.  There were eggs, scrambled and cold hard boiled, meats and cheese, lots of cereals and fruits with yoghurt or milk to moisten. Croissants, toasts, hard rolls, and the dry toasts. Butters and jams, and of course cake and tarts for that Italian morning sugar.

Since it was going to be a long night at the Opera, we decided to make Sunday an easy day and go to the high mass. Ok, we decided along with a zillion other people. I had forgotten it was also a day with - I think- a visit from the Papal delegate. Security was tight but we got in and eventually got to the sides with a view of the procession around the church. There was a lot of very upbeat, modern singing and tv monitors all around. Amazing.

After our time in church we decided to look for LaScala in the daylight and avoid a possible panic trying to read street signs in the dark. And yes, it was still raining. We walked through the Galleries again thinking maybe we'd have a coffee  or lunch but decided to pass on the pricey ones as well as McDonalds. 

We took the shortcut I thought would get us towards LaScala but only found a small coffee shop open. Too early for lunch of course but with a view of toy buying families that was fun to see.

Finally we made it to LaScala and knew we would be able to get back there in a much easier fashion in the pm. Just walk through the V.E.Galleria, But the boy was happy...though I'm not sure about the redhead standing near him.

Well now it was time for lunch and I knew just where we'd go unless we drowned on the way. How that rain went on...

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