Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 2 Sunday lunch in Milan

Lunch was at alla Collina Pistoiese.

We shared some bruschetta Toscana, a tuna topping. I could not pass up the carciofi - artichokes - served as a salad with parmesan slivers, with pasta or with scallopini. I chose the scallopini and oh yes, it was good.

He had the pesce spada tagliatelle Mediteraneo which was thin slices of swordfish.

We each- yes one each! - had a creme brulee/flan and they were very good.  We decided to pass on a coffee as someone wanted to take a nap and someone else wanted to start her packing.

btw, the restaurant was certainly family run and full of families. Of course they were well behaved Italian children who are used to sitting in a restaurant for quite a few hours and either being entertained by their parents or amusing themselves as the adults talk. I wished I could have taken a photo of Mama/Nonna who sat in the center of the restaurant in a little booth, checking every bill submitted by the waiter and taking every credit card or cash payment from the customers.  Ah, no doubt who ran the show there.

Next on the agenda ...the Opera.

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