Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 3 Milan to Orvieto

Not the most interesting day but a necessary one.  We had our breakfast at the hotel, and did the final packing that was not done the previous night.  It was pouring buckets outside but at least the metro stop was only about two blocks away. Negotiating the steps down into the Metro is always a challenge but we made it.  Then it was the reversal of our arrival at Malpensa - two metros and an airport train to get to our rental car.  It always seems to be a joke, but true, that getting out of the rental car lot is harder than most of the drive.

It's a very direct drive from Milan to Orvieto, pretty much Autostrada all the way…27.30€ in all…but oh the weather. I have not seen such rain since…well, seriously, I don't recall ever seeing it so heavy so long. Our drive was a full 5 hours and the downpour was tremendous the entire time. No photos on this day!

We had two short stops at Auto grills, but it was a tense drive, tho the drivers were mostly very very good. It was just looong with that weather, and when we thought it couldn't go on much longer, it did.

When we came close to Bologna, the scenery changed and the rain lightened so that we could see the mountains at least. There had been times earlier in the day when we thought it would get as dark as sunset.  Coming into Orvieto we saw some light, and managed to make it into the city before dark. That was a big goal as finding an address in a medieval city is a challenge. But with asking anyone we saw we finally found our apartment and the owner who let us in and gave us all our info. Driving in the narrow, narrow, and I do mean narrow lanes was something I could not have done. Bless you Dick for your driving skills!

We took a quick walk, not being really hungry after the exhausting drive, but knowing we needed something. Yet again, we were too early for the 7:30 dinner time but eventually found a pizza spot that was already cooking.  I had a square of zucchini, Dick had a corn and sausage slick as well as a tuna and tomato one that  was quite good. We picked up a few pastries and headed home to our very own apartment.  With night views over the hills and cool air coming in the windows, we were ready to sleep with no agenda ahead.

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