Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 4 Orvieto am

What a nice morning it was to wake up settled in Orvieto. In the early hours there was still mist in the nooks and crannies of the hills...the hills we could see so well from our windows.

We'd bought some pastries at our pizza spot the night before - yes, they sold fresh pizzas as well as some decidedly homemade pastries, wine, soft drinks and packaged candies. Coffee and tea with the pastries and we were good to go.

btw, Himself is making the tea and coffee before I get up, as he does at home. I'm glad that hasn't changed! There is a great wi-fi connection in the apartment and we both can be on at the same time and all the time.

We finally got ourselves organized for exploring and down our lane we went. Believe it or not, we actually drove through this lane (and worse) on the prior night. Our car gets parked 2 levels below the level we stay at. We take two free city elevators to get there, but that's another story.

We walked to the Duomo to get our bearings again.  We have been to Orvieto twice before but only one day each time. Now we had time to go down or up any lane and know that eventually we would hit the city walls and cliffs. No danger of getting totally lost.

After this bit of wandering, we headed back to our apartment to check on the clothes I'd hung out. Please note himself showing where I hang out the bedroom window to hang clothes. Lunch? the extra pizza we'd bought the night before then computer and nap time.

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