Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 4 Orvieto Dinner

Ah yes, what is life without more food. We had several recommendations from our landlady and unfortunately did not find two of the three open either at lunch time or dinner. Finally we decided on the one she called 'rustic' which WAS open and it did have that look with lots of wood. Mezza Luna via Ripa Serancia, 3, Orvieto, Italy. This was literally around the corner from our apartment.

We were preceded in the restaurant by a table of American women, Southerners, a bit loud and very into their CocaCola. Oh well...

We started with the local  crostini including from top right, tomato, artichoke spread, sliced 'lard' (very good!), and tuna.

He had pasta with a meat ragu while I had veal scallopini in lemon sauce and potatoes and chicory greens.

He also had this grilled sausage which me mixed with his pasta.

Our waiter helped some Japanese tourists by giving them a menu IN Japanese. I was impressed by that but then again there are a lot of Japanese tourists - just not here at this time of year.

After all that good food, someone seems to be contemplating ...chocolate. At least that's what I thought, and after a walk 'into' town, guess where we stopped.

There may be excellent chocolate in other parts of the world but oh can the Italians make beautiful displays.

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