Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 4 Orvieto pm

After a lot of pasta and pizza in our first few days, I realized I was really missing salad and vegetables. I had seen a supermarket just to the side of the autrostrada as we were arriving in Orvieto and so we drove off to find it. We also wanted to make sure we remembered how to get down to our car, and get out of the garage using the parking pass. We did.

Back down on 'ground' level, we did find a supermarket and while not the one I'd seen, it worked. Some items did sound funny.

We got a few staples including some pears and some tortellini - tortellini with carciofi (artichokes!).

Now we headed back around Orvieto, through Orvieto Scalo, and south to see where the road would take us. Still no sign of the supermarket I'd seen and I was beginning to wonder if I had seen it. However we saw a sign for Castiglione in TaverinaAddress:, not that there are any shortages of these little towns, and climbed up a nice road through lovely country. I was reminded of years in England where one could be out all morning, drive only a few miles and yet see so much.

We both wondered about these fields that seemed to be growing rocks, and joked that there was snow 3km ahead. Actually the signs warned of slick roads in heavy rain or snow.

The castle didn't seem to want visitors, so we headed back to Orvieto. Time to think about dinner.

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