Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 5 Assisi and back

The arrival in Assisi was interesting to say the least. Petunia had taken us to the last exit on the road to  Spello and so we sort of back tracked in our attempt to actually enter the city. Another city on a hill!  We climbed through a bunch of vineyards, olive groves and houses, and suddenly saw a parking lot. Quick as a hare we popped in, found a space immediately, and then looked at the climb UP.

We saw a bunch of other people parking, and then crossing the road to enter a building. Aha. We had parked at a hospital parking lot. Sigh. Back into the car. We continued up the road, and eventually came to a parking garage, under the city. Why does he always doubt me when I say…Park here!!!  (Why? because I make immediate decisions and he has to p r o c e s s.  On Italian roads, there is not always process time.)

We entered a beautiful garage, which must be crowded in the summer, but was mostly empty this time of year. Up through the garage to the city level we went, stopping for a 50cent toilet break - pricey but a good idea.  Exiting back into the sunlight, we saw that there was still a lot more to climb.

Guess who was already hungry? The first thing we did was stop to eat. He had  a salami pizza and I had a pasta piccante.

Once the boy was fed, it was time to walk around. We knew we wouldn't be doing a lot of sightseeing since we had made that slow road decision. The weather was beautiful and the town had recovered remarkably from the '97 earthquake. After looking at the spacious, and empty piazza, we entered the church.

Himself and a monk in contemplation.  It was nice to actually see a Franciscan here in Assisi, and in a church.

Down into the crypt was a wonderful display of Saint Clare's relics.  It was all beautifully displayed and a nice treat to have time and space to study the articles.

But all too soon it was time to have a bit more of a walk, look at the door of the home of the new baby boy, and head back down to the garage.

Looking back and UP into town, we thought it would be a good place to come back to espcially if we were staying in the eastern part of Umbria.

We decided on the quick road home but that ended shortly with a major traffic jam. Off we went back to one of the slower but still direct roads. There were a lot of others who made that decision but it was still a nice afternoon drive.  A stop for gelato and an espresso and a drive past Lake Corbara.

It was good to get back to the apartment…and plan our next excursion.

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