Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 6 A Day in Orvieto-morning

A lot of time we plan on taking a day to drive off somewhere, and then take a day to explore where we are. Orvieto was an ideal place for this kind of 'staycation' even though the place was far from our real home! A sunny day and market day was a good day to just explore.

Some morning fruit in the apartment and then down to the church of the Apostles Andrew and Bartholomew in the Piazza Republica.

The flower stalls were all open and it's amazing to see such delicate flowers out on window sills or pots by the door. Obviously, the local people know what they're doing!

Down into the market at Piazza del Populi. A good market with fruit and vegetables, lots of cheese, as well as two porchetta vendors. I liked the man cutting from the whole pig as opposed to the man whose pig was ready chopped.

After buying some cheese, we felt the need to sit with an espresso and pastry. Off the main street, this was a 80 cent espresso. I'm laughing cause I have to really stretch my arm to take these self portraits.

Back towards home we still passed more goodies and kept  looking at things we didn't need but found interesting.

While taking our purchases back to the apartment we met our landlady. In true Italian style, we stopped for a chat, and found out where to buy a 'dossacaffe', a container that doles out exact measures of ground coffee for espressso. You know you need one of these!

Now it was time to think about lunch. What else after all that time looking at food in the market??

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